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Did you know that wireless access points (WAP) can handle over 60 simultaneous connections? Extenders can typically only handle about 20, making WAPs important and powerful devices that act as portals for various devices to connect to in a particular local area network.

Your business needs a WAP for several purposes, with security being an important one. When it comes to installation, though, it’s best to let a professional get the job done. Let’s delve into the reasons you should hire a professional voice and data cabling company for WAP installation.

Professional and Efficient Equipment

When it comes to technical installation, it’s best to hire a professional who understands the ins and outs of the system they are installing. Business data services that offer a variety of installations will have the proper and professional equipment that will allow them to efficiently install your WAP.


A professional will accurately install and set up your WAP for you. If you try to install the device yourself and make a mistake, you could compromise the integrity of your WAP as well as other technical systems within your business.

Enhanced Protection

A WAP system will provide your business with accurate protection. So, when you hire a professional for WAP installation, you’re investing in the safety of your business. This is because a professional has the knowledge and technology to prevent hackers from hurting your business operations. Attempting to install your WAP system yourself makes you and your business more susceptible to hackers and other security issues.

Security System Integration

Your business may have already invested in video surveillance system installation, which is a great way to protect your business and office space. With professional WAP installation, your security system and WAP system can be integrated. This job is best left to the professionals, as they have the knowledge and tools to integrate technical systems flawlessly. You can take a breath knowing your business is in great hands with professional WAP installation and added security measures.

When it comes to small business communication solutions, Integrity Communications Consultants Inc. is here to help. By utilizing our professional WAP installation services, we can enhance your business’s technical systems while you focus on running your business operations. Contact us today to learn more about our variety of technology and communication services.