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Our Services

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Business Data Services & More

Our experienced technicians can help work out the exact business data services that are customized for your company’s needs. Let us work out the best solution for your needs.

Audio Cabling

Integrity Communications is equipped to help our customers with all their audio cabling needs. Call us to let us know how we can assist with your project.
Close up audio jacks cable plugged into mixer console. XLR audio cable
The right technology will take you business to great heights

POS Cabling

You can trust us with all your point of sale installations. Our experience in setting up cables and getting you up and running as fast as possible.

Global Solutions

At Integrity Communications we have many long term international corporations as our clients. Let us know what you require.
North And South America – Red Connection Lines – Copy Space – Global Business, Pandemic, Computer Virus
Electrician connecting cable to the switch

TELCO Interface & Management

We are experienced in setting up the Telecommunications Management Network that your company needs. Let us know what you requirements are and we can design a system to suit.

Nationwide Technology Rollouts

Integrity Communications is equipped to handle national level installations.  Get in touch to let us know what your network requirements are. 

Global Connections USA
Wireless router concept. Man using smartphone

WAP Installations

WAPs extend the wireless coverage of an existing network and router. Get in touch to let us know what your network requirements are.

Site Surveys

Our consultants are skilled in surveying your existing operation and are able to help optimize your network to the best system possible.
IT engineers using digital tablet
Close-up of surveillance camera installation, male hand holds cctv camera

Video Surveillance System Installation

Video surveillance systems installation is among the many professional services that we provide. Our video surveillance specialists have the tools and experience to help you keep your business safe. Contact us to let us know what your requirements are and learn more about our video surveillance installation services.

VOIP Cabling

VoIP is the technology that converts your voice into a digital signal, allowing you to make a call directly from a computer, a VoIP phone, or other data-driven devices.We work with your company to meet and exceed your communication needs!
IP Phone double exposure with blue LED world map and business icon of VOIP human and  for communication concept